My Journey to Make Dollar From Internet

First time i know internet 8 year ago when i study in academic. at time i am very surprise in my email i got message if i winner $500,000 ... wow ^_^ i think i will be rich ..hahahahahhahaha. but that just my dreaming.

Then i following paid to click and paid to read, where they extended very much dollar..arrrrrrrgggggh i am misguided again.

Next i try forex and google adsense. from that i trust if i can make dollar from internet. first time i got payment from google adsense via check 135$. huff i am very happy after a long time. and i make dollar to from forex in liteforex ... yesssss door is open.

Now i try paid to review. from friend they high recommended to follow paid reviews. like smorty, sponsoredreviews, blogsvertise and reviewme because they trustworthy paid and every review they worth 5$-40$ ..hmmm very nice price .

That all my journey

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Amel's Realm said...

HAVE FUN making dollars! ;-D