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Explanation of the terms and abbreviations used on freelance sites.

Please note – although some of these terms are quite self-explanatory for English speaking freelancers, they can be misinterpreted or hard to understand for people from other countries.

Abbreviations of the freelance site names:
  • SL - - ScriptLance
  • GAF - - GetAFreelancer
  • RAC - - RentACoder
  • GAC - - GetACoder
  • JL - - JoomLancers
Terms and abbreviations commonly used on freelance sites:
  • freelancer : a self-employed provider
  • outsourcing : the delegation of the work or the part of the work, to an external resource (for example freelancers). With a growing popularity of this phenomenon, there emerged the freelance markets which provide the platform for contacting buyers with sellers
  • buyer, webmaster : both terms are used to describe a client
  • seller, provider : a person to do the contracted work (sometimes freelance sites use different terms – like coder, programmer)
  • auction, project : an auction where a freelancer places his offer (bid)
  • bid : freelancer’s offer placed for a project (usually includes the price and description)
  • auto-bidder : freelancer, who puts “blind” offers for multiple projects, usually even without reading the project description; the sort of provider avoided by more experienced buyers
  • invite-only : project open for invited providers only (to whom the buyer has sent his invites)
  • confirmation : acceptance of the selection for a project (required by some freelance boards)
  • featured : ”special” project – the buyer has paid for its better exposure; quite often it’s a long-term contract (such projects cannot be posted as the common ones)
  • review : feedback given after the finished project; usually rating in 1-10 scale
  • escrow : deposit; seller places the price to be paid for a project in Escrow and waits for the work to be done; after that, he releases the deposited money and they are transferred into provider’s account
  • withdraw (al) : transferring the money from the account on the freelance site to the personal one (done using a cheque, wire-transfer, PayPal, etc.)
  • wire transfer : money transfer between 2 bank accounts
  • invoice : some freelance sites provide the feature of invoicing
  • mockup : a sketch or partial demonstration of the idea of finsihing the project; very often used to gain client’s attention before the project is awarded
  • rate (hourly) : the rate you declare to work for (estimate or average)
  • cancel : cancelling, terminating the project (from various reasons)
  • PM/PMB : private (or personal) message; private message board is used for direct communication with a buyer without it being seen by other providers
  • deadline : declared and agreed date of finishing the work on the project
  • supspend(ed) : freelancer’s account can be suspended in case of breaking the site TOS (Terms Of Service)
  • ASAP : as soon as possible; urgent project
  • FL : freelancing
  • NDA : Non Disclosure Agreement

Site Reviews Freelance Job Project for IT

Established services, with a long online presence, trustworthy and proved to do a good job. Finding the work with their assistance is safe.

Here you will find more detailed descriptions of a few freelance marketplaces, along with the list of their advantages and disadvantages.
These informations should help you in making the decision of which site to use.

1. GetAfreelancer helps webmasters, web designers, programmers, software developers and business owners to develop their projects. Our escrow feature is developed to protect both buyers and sellers. Our site is global and we have freelancers from India, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, United States, UK and many other parts of the world. We have thousands of satisfied clients around the world. If you never tried to contract work to another part of the world you have your chance today. Sign up free! We provide a safe escrow environment and you don’t release the money until project is completed.

GetAFreelancer is a great site and it’s expanding very quickly. In a very short time it has grown into a well known freelance marketplace and together with SLRAC they form the “Big Three”. Over 300 projects posted daily.

Fees and comissions:

  • Project award comission: 10% of bid amount (minimum $5)
  • Project award comission for Golden Members: none
  • Featured project award comission: none
  • Golden Membership charge: $12/month
  • Golden Membership one-time research fee: none

Withdrawal methods:

  • - PayPal ($1.00 fee)
  • - E-Gold (5.00% fee)
  • - bank wire
  • - check
  • - Moneybookers ($0.75 fee)
  • - Western Union ($18.00 fixed and 8.00% fee is taken)


  • - number of the projects (over 200 projects posted daily!) and their variety
  • - reasonable fees and comissions
  • - interface and functions (for example - one account for both provider and buyer)
  • - refundable project posting fee (verifies the reliability of a buyer)
  • - monthly bid limit, eliminating mass bidding on the projects (auto-bidding)
  • - several withdrawal methods (cheque, PayPal, e-gold, wire transfer, Western Union, Moneybookers)
  • - very good and quickly acting support
  • - very attractive “Golden Membership” program
  • - fast withdrawal processing


  • - no obligatory deposit
  • - project budget ranges

2. ScriptLance

The site provides a service that helps businesses find freelance programmers and designers for their projects. What began in early 2001 as a way to satisfy the custom programming demands at Smarter Scripts, has now become one of the Internet’s most popular freelance programming sites. ScriptLance has helped thousands stay under budget and helped many become more financially independent.

One of the best sites, both for people just starting in freelancing and for those more experienced.

Fees and comissions:

  • - Signup bonus: $1
  • - Project award comission: 5% of bid amount (minimum $5)
  • - Project award comission for Certified Programmers: 2.5%
  • - Featured project award comission: 1% of bid amount
  • - Certified Programmer charge: $25/month
  • - Certified Programmer one-time research fee: $10

Withdrawal methods:

  • - Paypal (no fee)
  • - E-Gold (2% fee)
  • - check - regular mail ($3 fee)
  • - check - FedEx Overnight ($38 fee)
  • - bank wire ($25 fee)


  • - number of the projects (over 150 posted daily) and their variety
  • - reasonable fees and comissions
  • - interface and functions (invited only projects, featured, job listings)
  • - several withdrawal methods (cheque, PayPal, e-gold, wire transfer)
  • - quick withdrawals (up to a few days maximum)
  • - own dedicated forum and support


  • - no obligatory deposit
  • - occasional problems with support

3. RentACoder

Rent A Coder is an international marketplace where people who need custom software developed can find coders in a safe and business-friendly environment. Buyers can cherry pick from a pool of over 145,000 coders enabling them to hire a coder across the country or across the globe… from the comfort of their computers. Buyers who wish to hire internationally, can take advantage of favorable overseas exchange rates, resulting in work being done for 50-90% less than if the project were done in-country. Coders are also given access to a huge pool of potential work and have the ability to work independently from their homes rather than for a company.

RentACoder is a site different than SL and GAF and for a beginner it may be harder to use. But due to its unique features it’s highly recommended after getting some more experience in freelancing.

Fees and comissions:

  • - Open Auction project comission: 15% of bid amount (minimum $3)
  • - One-on-One project comission: 12.5% of bid amount (minimum $3)
  • - Bonus / Direct Payment comission: 10% of bid amount (minimum $3)
  • - Bulletin board project comission: none

Withdrawal methods:

  • - PayPal
  • - mail check (United States: $5, Non-United States: $10)
  • - Western Union (US: variable Western Union fee + $5, Non-US: variable Western Union fee + $10)


  • - number of the projects and their variety
  • - obligatory deposit (Escrow)
  • - slightly higher average prices
  • - interface and functions (arbitrage system, better ranking system, conversation between buyer and seller is recorded)
  • - very good and quickly working support
  • - pre-moderated projects
  • - “Top Coder” ranking giving the additional exposure to your bid


  • - higher fees deducted from payment
  • - few withdrawal methods (cheque, PayPal, Western Union)
  • - withdrawals processed only twice a month (around the half and the end of the month)
  • - occasional problems with database and other temporary system issues

4. Joomlancers

If you require professional Joomla/Mambo website design or development for your business, whether its a long-term job or just a single project, you will find the help you need here at the prices you want to pay. No matter how big or small your budget is, Joomla freelancers from around the world will compete for your business at JoomLancers.

That’s it! Your project is then closed, your are put in contact with the chosen freelancer who will begin working, you can leave a review, and pay them when you are ready to pay them. Our fee: only $5, which is deducted from your JoomLancers account only after your project closes. We even give you 30 days time to pay that fee! Why? Because we are confident you will be satisfied with the service JoomLancers provides.

It’s like getting an estimate from dozens of qualified professionals and then choosing the one you like most. You save time because you don’t need to shop around, and you save money because programmers/designer are competing for your business! JoomLancers is the number one choice for thousands of freelancers and businesses when it comes to Joomla/Mambo programming and design projects.

Site dedicated for projects related to Mambo and Joomla, but other project categories are also posted there: design, graphics, programming, translation, etc. Just a few projects are posted daily (around 10), but the budget of each of them is really interesting.
Another great thing about JoomLancers is that the number of buyers is higher than the number of providers - which is unusual for a freelance market. This shows high interest in Joomla and Mambo related projects and means that there will be more and more work coming this way.

Fees and comissions:

  • - Project award comission: 10% of bid amount (minimum $5)
  • - Project award comission for Golden Members: none
  • - Featured project award comission: none
  • - Golden Membership charge: $8-$10/month (depends on the plan selected)
  • - Golden Membership one-time research fee: none

Withdrawal methods:

  • - PayPal (free)
  • - wire transfer ($35.00)


  • - reasonable fees (10%, min. $5)
  • - easier competition (less providers)
  • - precise and well working rating system
  • - attractive "Gold Membership” program


  • - number of projects (ca. 10-15 projects posted daily)
  • - smaller popularity
  • - few withdrawal methods (PayPal, wire transfer)

5. GetACoder

GetACoder is a leading Global Services Marketplace doing business in more than 200 countries. Our unique system accelerates your time to market and provides your business with key competitive advantages. When you use GetACoder you are stretching your budget and saving as much as 60% over traditional outsourcing. GetACoder is changing business, now it’s no longer about what you own or build but which resources and talent you can access.

Site similar to ScriptLance/GetAFreelancer – with a similar interface and offered features. Compared to the “Big Three” (GAF, SL, RAC), there are less projects posted. Also their variety isn’t that rich – the webdesign and programming ones are strongly dominating.

Fees and comissions:

  • - Project award comission: 10% of bid amount + $5
  • - Project award comission for Premium Members: 10% of bid amount
  • - Premium Member charge: $7.95/month
  • - Premium Member one-time research fee: none

Withdrawal methods:

  • - PayPal (free)
  • - E-Gold (5.9% + $0.45 fee)


  • - number of projects
  • - easier competition (less providers)
  • - one account for both provider and buyer
  • - attractive “Premium Membership” program


  • - smaller popularity
  • - higher fees applied when a project is won
  • - few withdrawal methods (PayPal, e-gold)

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