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GetAFreelancer is a great site and it’s expanding very quickly. In a very short time it has grown into a well known freelance marketplace and together with SLRAC they form the “Big Three”. Over 300 projects posted daily helps webmasters, web designers, programmers, software developers, Copywriting, Graphic Design and Translator to get job projects. Alot project can you found in here, after you finish project you will be pay. We have thousands of satisfied clients around the world. If you never tried to contract work to another part of the world you have your chance today. Sign up free!

The goal of GAF is to be a meeting place for serious business people. As a buyer, you have a project you need done that will help you or your business grow and prosper. The sellers on this site are here because they too are trying to make a decent living. They’re willing to provide the services that buyers need, and all they ask in return is to be paid a fair amount for their time and skills.

GAF was not designed to be a discount super center specializing in providing top-notch skills at rock-bottom prices. For this business to grow and attract high-quality buyers and sellers, every attempt must be made to use standard business practices and pricing when creating and bidding on projects.

Diagram Flow Getafreelance Work

You can receive a lot of value from your association with the professionals who sell their services here at GAF. All you have to do is treat them like you want to be treated yourself.

A short, illustrated guide showing you how to start working on one of the popular freelance sites and get project IT.

Registration (signing up)

After clicking on the Getafreelancer banner above, you will be taken to the GAF's home page. To sign up as a freelancer (provider), click the "sign-up" (see red arrow the screenshot below).

Complete form register. Enter your username (1) and email address (2). This address will be used to communicate with the site, so it has to be a valid one. You will receive an e-mail containing the link which will allow finishing the registration process. then Select "i agree to term and condition" to agree (3). If you want become a gold member, select box. If not, do not select (4). Then click "next" to step 2

In step 2 you must enter code verification (1). check you email. you will receive e-mail from getafreelancer. open email from GAF and copy code from that email. Then click next step 3

In step 3. Setting-up your profile. Complete you profile, because from profile is buyer project knows your ability and trusting your to work project

The Last step, check you email. you will receive email from getafreelancer to activation you account and Congratulations! You've just registered your account and can start your work as a freelancer.

The Biggest Freelancer Mistake Why They Cannot Get Project is

They Just Register, Do nothing, No browse project, No. Action Bid, No make communication with buyer.

To get project you must active to look for project that you can work. In this site a lot project can you follow. to detail how to follow project you can read in "get your job project IT "


After setting up the account you can take part in an auction or even in a few ones. To get project you must active browse project. On the main page you’ll find the list of projects and make bid project then you must active make communication with buyer project (PMB buyer), ask detail project and convince buyer if you can up to project on time.

Step By Step to Get Project

After complete registration. open Getafreelancer
First you login in your account. click menu login (1) then enter you username and you password (2).

After login. In you account, you can see "main menu" (1)
  • Edit account info : in this menu you can change you profile. You profile is very important to trust buyer project. so complete you profile
  • Provider activity : this menu to use check following project, you won project and make communication with you buyer project
  • Buyer activity : this menu use if you reserve project. You can check your project and make communication with your provider project.

To find project click menu "browse project" (1) and will be show list project (2 & 3), or you can browse project in this site.

Once you see the interesting project, click on its name and enter the project auction page, with the project description and providers’ offers (1). If you want follow project. You can place your bid (3) or send a Private Message (PM) to a buyer using PMB (2). You can see competitor (4) and they bid, so you must convince reserve project if you are is the best and you can finish they project on time.

After you click "Bid on this project", will be show form bidding condition. with budget buyer project (1). so place you bid appropriate with the budget (2). and you must finish that project on time (3).

The details of the project can be discussed using the Project Message Board (PMB). You’ll see the list of the private messages sent by other providers and you can send your own message by clicking “Post Reply” .

WARNING! You can’t post any form of contact (e-mail, IM, etc.) – it is possible only in case of the Featured projects.

Now the work on it starts, then – there’s handing the finished work and finally – the payment for the work done (using the Escrow deposit is highly recommended).

After finishing the work and receiving the payment, both sides should write the reviews. It’s the common practice that it is a buyer to be the first to write a review, then a provider does it.


Every month you will get 15 chance to bid project (for free member). So use all you chance for won project.
Never dare to try.

Honestly, it’s really difficult to get your first job. Let’s talk about the first site. You will see many projects, listed every where. Don’t be worried; just register on this site. REMEMBER to fill your profile well enough, because people will see your profile before they give any work to you. Online jobs are not that easy to get

How can you get a project for high rates when there are many other people applying for the same project and they have great ratings too, where you don’t even have one rating. So, go for the lowest price. After you place a bid, you go back to the project description page and look for a small icon called PM (Private Message). PM is the key factor in success of Online Jobs.

Now click on it, and send a message to the creator of the project and tell him that you are new but you can do an excellent job for him and that you will do it for the lowest price that he wants to pay for the project. After you send the PM, wait for the reply, if there is a reply then (bingo), there is a good chance of wining that project. Your Online Jobs career will start when you win your first project.

Open the PM box to see what the buyer replied and act accordingly. Few things to Remember: First of all, you can place bids on 15 projects in the first websites mentioned above, in contrast to the second website where you can place bids on as many projects as you like to. In first website, if you become a gold member, you can then place bids on 160+ projects, which means that you can do many Online Jobs. I prefer you upgrade to gold member as soon as you earn $12.

Here are few advantages of gold membership. There will be no extra fees. For example if you win a project worth of $100 and you are a gold member, then you will get the whole $100 after you complete the project. But if you are not a gold member, then you have to pay a fee (5%). It costs $12 per month to become a Gold member. I suggest you first find work on this site, then when you earn a little money, you then pay $12 and become a Gold member.

ALWAYS, remember to send a PM to the creator of the project after you place a bid there. As I said before, PM is the most important factor in success of online jobs, so always remember to send PM.

The 2 Biggest Freelancer Mistake is:

"No Communication" and "No Bids Actions"

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