Advanced Global Material, International Supplier of Specialty Metals

In the world industry needed special materials resistant to heat. one of the special material is A-286 Bar and A-286 Plate. A286 Bar and Plate has high strength and good corrosion resistance; therefore, it is used for applications at temperature up to 1300ยบ F. Alloy A286 can be hardened and strengthened by heat treatment. Alloy A286 bar and plate has been used in jet engines, superchargers, turbine wheels, blades, casings, afterburner parts, and fasteners.

in addition to A-286 materaial that is often used is 15-5PH Plate. 15-5 has all the advantages of 17-4, including single low-temperature thermal treatment. It also offers excellent transverse notch toughness and ductility, better mechanical properties in larger sections, and better forgeability. 15-5 PH is produced as a consumable electrode, vacuum arc remelted product with essentially ferrite-free microstructure. The corrosion resistance of 15-5 is superior to straight chromium grades like Type 410, and approaches that of the chromium-nickel grades. It is equal to 304 in many corrosive media. The corrosion resistant properties hold up in service and temperatures up to 800° F.

In advancedglobalmaterials you will find all the materials. in addition there are also 4340 Flat Bar, Plate, A286 Bar, Plate, Inconel 625 Plate and , 4130, 4140 steel and etc. Advanced Global Materials distributes Valves, Flanges and Fittings that are used in the following industries: Power generation, oil production and refining, chemical and petro chemical, gas, water, marine, shipbuilding and the nuclear industry. advancedglobalmaterials your one stop source for specialty metals.

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